Survey integrated protocols

The AGAH has published a paper about its survey on integrated protocols in early medicines development which is now open access: Erb-Zohar K, Sourgens H, Breithaupt-Grögler K, 2018.

AGAH annual meeting 2018

Topic of the AGAH (Association for Applied Human Pharmacology) annual meeting 2018, held from April 26th to 27th in Munich is "Target organs in early medicines development – predictability and prevention of adverse reactions".
On April 25th, a workshop “Pharmacovigilance in early phase drug development – basic terms and key concepts” is being held. K. Erb-Zohar's contributions are: "Useful tools for the evaluation of adverse events (CTCAE, designated medical events, EMA List of important medical events)" and "Stop dose escalation or continue dosing? – Case study developed in break-out groups".